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Massive Appearance Update

I’ve added over 14 albums to Ariana’s 2014 appearances. This includes her visit to Japan, as well as the Grammy Awards.

Go to to view the albums.

Passing Her Driver’s Test with Elizabeth Gillies at the DMV in LA

Spotted on June 13th: Ariana Grande and her co-star Elizabeth Gillies passing their driver’s tests in Los Angeles! A congratulations is definitely in order for both victorious girls for this milestone. Maybe we’ll get an update on Ari’s car soon? Nevertheless, go send her your love! In addition, 15 HQ photos from CA’s Department of Motor Vehicles have been uploaded. (:

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Photos: Damon Dahlen Photshoot (2011)

We uploaded shots from Ariana’s 2011 photo shoot with Damon Dahlen.

Ariana will be performing at the 2015 Grammy Awards

experimenting w the mimu gloves

massive thank you and lots of love to Imogen for having me as a collaborator on this incredible project! more huge thank yous and hugs to adam, chagall, rachel and kelly! my fellow glovers and new friends. cannot wait to use these on the honeymoon tour!
a note to the loves watching,
i love and appreciate you always!!! cannot

New Photos Added

To see the photos visit our image gallery.

Photos: Y100’s Jingle Ball Show

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Home > Appearances > 2014 > [12/21] Y100’s Jingle Ball Show – Backstage

Photos: HOT 99.5’s Jingle Ball Show

Gallery Link:
Home > Appearances > 2014 > [12/14] HOT 99.5’s Jingle Ball Show