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Photos: Badass Animal Rescue

Massive Appearance Update

I’ve added over 14 albums to Ariana’s 2014 appearances. This includes her visit to Japan, as well as the Grammy Awards.

Go to to view the albums.

Passing Her Driver’s Test with Elizabeth Gillies at the DMV in LA

Spotted on June 13th: Ariana Grande and her co-star Elizabeth Gillies passing their driver’s tests in Los Angeles! A congratulations is definitely in order for both victorious girls for this milestone. Maybe we’ll get an update on Ari’s car soon? Nevertheless, go send her your love! In addition, 15 HQ photos from CA’s Department of Motor Vehicles have been uploaded. (:

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Photos: Mediolanum Forum (The Honeymoon Tour)

Photos: Oslo Spektrum (The Honeyoon Tour)

Photos: Ericsson Globe (The Honeymoon Tour)

Photos: Zénith de Paris (The Honeymoon Tour)

Ariana is back on The Honeymoon Tour. She did two dated last week in Paris. We uploaded performance photos and meet and greet photos from both days. Check them out in the gallery or click the thumbnails below.

Day #1

Day #2

Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande perform Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

Can this be a recurring occurrence, please?

To help promote her just-launched Happy Hippie Foundation, which raises awareness and funds for homeless youth, Miley Cyrus invited Ariana Grande to perform Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” — while wearing unicorn and mouse onesies, of course.

Teaming up with Facebook, Cyrus kicked off the Backyard Sessions performances May 5 with a stunning duet with Joan Jett, and followed it with a cover of the Replacements’ “Androgynous” featuring Jett and Laura Jane Grace.

Listen to the two ladies’ vocals complement each other below.

Soooooo thankful for Ariana Grande for being a part of the #backyardsessions!! You’re the sweetest little #happyhippie…

Posted by Miley Cyrus on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Source: Billboard

Photos: L.A Candids

Ariana was spotted at LAX Airport yesterday and else where in L.A We uploaded photos to the gallery. Check them out there or click the thumbnails below.

Photos: Scream Queens Promoshoot

The official Promoshoot photos for Ariana’s new TV show Scream Queens has been released. We uploaded them to the gallery. Check them out there or click the thumbnails below.