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18 Responses to Ariana Grande

  1. Nelly says:

    Hi Ariana i am a big fan aah put your hearts up is really really fantastic I LOVE YOU SO MUCH i cant stop thinking about you wait i am NOT gonna murder if its that wat you think I just LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU

  2. hazza123 says:

    i <3 ariana grande!! xxxx

  3. Natalie says:

    Hi ariana grande how do i video chat yu cause my friend casey mckillen said you video chat her and i was like that cant be true so please tell me the name of it? from natalie hurley

  4. anna rollan says:

    I love ari!!! please tweet mee… im the one with the sister’s mother who pasted away:(

  5. cutepuppies101 says:

    I am huge fan!!! I luv how you play Kat in Victorious.

  6. sierra says:

    hey you are so pretty and amazing


  7. Hannah says:

    Hey I used to write to Ariana Grande but I lost her address. Can you please tell me where to find it. Trust me I looked at the following websites.
    And this website. The first time I got it I got it from Facebook but now it’s not there. HELP!

  8. Naomi says:

    hey ariana
    my name is naomi . :) i am your biggest fan i love you so mutch . your so beautiful and so sweet . i like your music i love this song grenade from you .
    My greatest desire is to see you and hug you and to get an autograph .
    Please write me back I would be glad. in love naomi :*** <3<3<3

  9. chasity says:

    hey ariana i luv u so never give up on wat u do i luv u

  10. austin stephenson says:

    you are a wonderful singer

  11. Autumn says:

    hey Airana, my name is Autumn. I was wondering if i gave you my phone number would you talk to me?

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    You are the best ariana grande…….oxox<3

  13. criss angel says:

    i luv u ariana want 2 go out

  14. pmrivero says:

    I have the same curly hair that you did. Sometimes it is really unpredictable and, if I style it wrong, frizzy. Do you have any shampoos, products of tips to give to keep my hair looking nice

  15. mya says:

    im a big fan ariana grande and i all was what to meet you and chat with you online text me back on twtttier this is mya

  16. Pablo Martin says:

    Ariana you’re the best actress and singer in this world and well done because your new CD my everything is the best i heard in the history, i love u ♥

  17. Hi Ariana I’m your biggest fan. I will die for you.can you visit me.I am 8 years old. I have a bunch of posters,books,and CDs.I love your songs.So can you pay me a vist.

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