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45 Responses to Ariana Grande

    • Alisha says:

      These songs get me emotional I can’t stop listening to them but their so sad and emotional I don’t know why I’m telling you this I’m such an idiot I better stop well good night ariana I’ll post a comment tomorrow

    • Alisha says:

      Listening to your music makes me happy you should star in a movie because your also a good actor and a good singer so give it a shot you dunk it

    • Ariana Grande says:

      I appreciate all of you for going to my concerts.I love you guys sooo much!

    • Alisha says:

      So escotes christmas is almost here Just one more day and cant said to See what i got

  1. Nelly says:

    Hi Ariana i am a big fan aah put your hearts up is really really fantastic I LOVE YOU SO MUCH i cant stop thinking about you wait i am NOT gonna murder if its that wat you think I just LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU

  2. hazza123 says:

    i <3 ariana grande!! xxxx

  3. Natalie says:

    Hi ariana grande how do i video chat yu cause my friend casey mckillen said you video chat her and i was like that cant be true so please tell me the name of it? from natalie hurley

  4. anna rollan says:

    I love ari!!! please tweet mee… im the one with the sister’s mother who pasted away:(

  5. cutepuppies101 says:

    I am huge fan!!! I luv how you play Kat in Victorious.

  6. sierra says:

    hey you are so pretty and amazing


      • Tamika says:

        i love u arniana grande your my biggest fan
        an make no body judge u by your hair all u
        no that your still pretty an the pony tail fits u very munch an guess what u were born with a
        beutiful talent ariana singing an u got a great voice xoxox rember that;)an every body who
        making fun of ariana STOP IT NOW.sopose
        that was u how would u feel so just leav her
        alone NOW THANK U;(

  7. Hannah says:

    Hey I used to write to Ariana Grande but I lost her address. Can you please tell me where to find it. Trust me I looked at the following websites.
    And this website. The first time I got it I got it from Facebook but now it’s not there. HELP!

  8. Naomi says:

    hey ariana
    my name is naomi . :) i am your biggest fan i love you so mutch . your so beautiful and so sweet . i like your music i love this song grenade from you .
    My greatest desire is to see you and hug you and to get an autograph .
    Please write me back I would be glad. in love naomi :*** <3<3<3

  9. chasity says:

    hey ariana i luv u so never give up on wat u do i luv u

  10. austin stephenson says:

    you are a wonderful singer

  11. Autumn says:

    hey Airana, my name is Autumn. I was wondering if i gave you my phone number would you talk to me?

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    You are the best ariana grande…….oxox<3

  13. criss angel says:

    i luv u ariana want 2 go out

  14. pmrivero says:

    I have the same curly hair that you did. Sometimes it is really unpredictable and, if I style it wrong, frizzy. Do you have any shampoos, products of tips to give to keep my hair looking nice

  15. mya says:

    im a big fan ariana grande and i all was what to meet you and chat with you online text me back on twtttier this is mya

  16. Pablo Martin says:

    Ariana you’re the best actress and singer in this world and well done because your new CD my everything is the best i heard in the history, i love u ♥

  17. Hi Ariana I’m your biggest fan. I will die for you.can you visit me.I am 8 years old. I have a bunch of posters,books,and CDs.I love your songs.So can you pay me a vist.

  18. Puipuia says:

    Hi Ariana
    I’m yur biggest fan of yur :) Hmm. I really2 want yu to got adward in EMA i want to be yur supporter GOOD LUCK for everything what are u doing
    Yur biggest fan
    From India,mizoram

  19. kahdajah says:

    i love ariana grande

  20. Anai Gonzalez says:

    Hi im anai I know you are very busy and do t have time for me but when you get the time could you please call me or you can give me your number and we can call or text.btw im 9. Thank you

  21. anna says:

    Hey ariana im a big fan I even have a book all about you and btw my name is jayme miller

  22. Hi ariana, u are my idol i <3 u so much i want to meet u so bad i love u ily

  23. Vicky says:

    I LOVE you Ariana!
    I have watched Swindle, Victorious, and most of your music videos!
    You are my idol! <3
    I love your style and the book Ariana Grande truly yours by Emily Klein! I love the bow necklace it comes with! I think you are amazing!!! :)

  24. rayalitye says:

    Hi Ariana i love your music i have your book truly your it is awesome i always want tickets to your concert’s!Your awesome i wish i was you.Is your life awesome. my life is really cool.My second biggest dream is to hang out with you for a day!

  25. rayalitye says:

    i love to listen to your songs when i can i still have school and everything.were you popular in elementry school. i am.

  26. christina says:

    hi i am 9 and i would love to video chat you p.s BIGGEST fan

  27. christina says:

    ariana grande i like you as a person love ava

  28. ashante thrasher says:

    Hi ariana grande its me ashante

  29. Hi ariana grande I just want to private video chat you

  30. Hi ariana grande I just want to know your phone number! I won’t kill you if you don’t I just wanna talk to You please just give it to me in the private video chat .I love you! I am 9 years old I am a girl though please you are my idol.

  31. Alisha says:

    Your my favorite and I wanna know how did you become so famous your lucky because I wanna be famous myself and you have a gift from jesus

    • Alisha says:

      Omg I just wanna talk to you but I can’t do sad and you have good taste in clothing I have everything I wanna say to you but I can’t txt forever

  32. Alisha says:

    You look so much like a model and when ever I listen to your slow songs they make me cry because they make me think of my crush and that’s letting you know that I really love your slow songs because when ever I think of him I either cry or get good dreams about him no matter what kind of song it is as long as it’s slow I’ll cry and get emotional

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