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Ariana Grande will be featured in the spring 2014 issue of V Magazine. I’ve added three outtakes from the photoshoot.

Gallery Link:

Ariana Grande showed off her playful girly side (with the appropriate hint of sex appeal) for V Magazine‘s spring music issue through a series of beautiful black and white photos. The singer also touched on a number of topics, including her hair, her career, being vegan, her idol Madonna and more.

“I use my hair as a mask, as a shield. I hide behind it and it’s what keeps me me. Some people make fun of me for it, but I don’t know who those some people are, so I don’t care,” Grande, who openly revealed that she wears extensions because of all the dye jobs she’s had, said.

Ariana has also been very open about being vegan, and explained why she’s chosen to follow this diet and lifestyle.

“In America, almost everybody thinks you need to have meat for protein. Protein, protein, protein! And what’s in dairy? Calcium, calcium, calcium,” she said. “It’s those kinds of proteins that latch onto the insides of your blood- stream and make it easier for you to have a heart attack. Look, cows produce milk with nutrients for cows. Maybe that’s why Americans end up looking like cows!”

Grande added, “Ultimately, no one wants cow tit pus in their food, do they?”


The Nickelodeon star also shared that she’s focusing on music when it comes to her career.

“Music is my dharma. It’s what makes my heart smile and what I feel like I am meant to do. I understand music more than I understand human beings and the English language.”

And one of her idols is Madonna. Well, “attitude” idol, that is.

“I just love how she stands up for what she believes in and surprises people by not eff-ing up when they want her to so badly…Know what I love most about Madonna? When a bad review came out, she was the first person to say ‘f–k you.’ When someone said she sounded like Minnie Mouse, she crawled into bed naked except for Minnie Mouse ears. It’s such a good attitude to have. It’s inspiring to me because there are times when I think I’ve been a weak, people-pleasing little mouse my whole life.”

But Ariana’s working on being tougher with harsh critics.

“That’s what I’m learning right now, that I have to become stronger in this industry. I’ve learned over the past year that you don’t have time to chase after ever person who doesn’t understand you. The people that know me know that I’m a nice girl. My fans know that I’m a nice girl. My friends know that I’m a nice girl. And ultimately, that’s all that matters.”

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Ariana recently sat down and chatted with Twist Magazine. In the excerpt below, she talks about her famous red hair:

Ariana Grande revealed to TWIST that she didn’t feel like herself on the set of Victorious with her red hair: ‘For a few years, I really didn’ feel like myself. I felt like I really had to compromise a lot because of my red hair for the show. I would never want to play Cat without red hair because it wouldn’t be right, but when I’m Arianaa I hate it!’

On Sam & Cat details: ‘Not giving away any secrets, but thanks to the magic of Hollywood we worked it out so I could have my natural hair color when I wanted and red hair on shoot days. I’m more myself now and I think my fans have been able to see I’m more comfortable and happier!’

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Check out a few highlights from Miss Grande and Miss McCurdy’s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Girls’ Life!

On her schedule since nabbing the role in “Victorious”:
“I never stopped practicing, and I never stopped doing local shows.”

On her time with Jennette:
“Jennette will do anything for a laugh. She’ll give me a look and it just tickles me. We could totally start a sarcasm club. Our sarcasm is so far advanced, people don’t get it. They think we’re serious sometimes.

On her other career aspirations:
“i wanna be doing music for the rest of my life. As long as I’m singing, I’m happy.”

Photoshoots > 2013 Sessions > #19 – Dean Foreman for Girls Life Magazine

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Magazine Scans > 2013 > [August/September} Girls’ Life Magazine
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Seventeen and Ariana want to clear up any speculation about her time on Victorious. Ariana has released this exclusive statement to

“My years filming Victorious were some of the HAPPIEST of my life and that cast is family to me. The stories I shared with Seventeen were actually reflective of a different work experience. Please don’t send hate to anyone, it’s undeserved and I would never want that. Love you guys VERY much, and thank you for being here and supporting me. Also, thank you to Seventeen for allowing me this opportunity.”

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Ariana and Jennette are featured on the cover of Girls’ Life Magazine’s August/September issue. Be sure to pick up a copy! I added 1 HQ (tagged) scan of the cover.

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Ariana is the covergirl of Seventeen Magazine’s August. This issue, which is on newstands now, features an exclusive interview with Ariana. I uploaded some photos from the photoshoot and magazine scans. Please send in scans to if you have the issue. Credit will be given.

Seventeen cover girl Ariana was told that she’d never make it as an actress and that her music wasn’t “pop” enough. Find out how she tuned out the haters (even the bullies!) and became a star.

On The Behind-The-Scenes Drama On Victorious

“I worked with someone who told me they’d never like me. But for some reason, I just felt like I needed her approval. So I started changing myself to please her. It made me stop being social and friendly. I was so unhappy.”

On Her Co-Star Jennette McCurdy
“I am so lucky to be working with Jennette McCurdy. She is a real, genuine, honest person, a good friend, and doesn’t care about all the superficial BS. She’s the most hilarious actress I’ve ever met and I just adore her…I used to watch iCarly and think, ‘Wow, Jennette is such a standout star and so good.’ Now she’s one of my best friends.”

On Staying True To Her [Hair] Roots
“I would never feel comfortable playing Cat with any other color hair than red, but I also feel most comfortable being myself with brown hair… I’m really nothing like my character—we’re both girly, but that’s about it. I’m very quiet; I don’t like to go out and party. So I get to be myself when I have brown hair and then I get to be Cat when I have red hair! It’s like a Hannah Montana life.”

On Recording Her Album For Three Years
“I’m a big perfectionist! I’m trying to channel super-confident women like Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Beyonce, because I realized that if you want something, you really have to go for it, just like they do.”

On Her Long Distance Relationship With YouTube Prank Star Jai Brooks
“Love is a really scary thing and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s one of the most beautiful things in life, but it’s one of the most terrifying. It’s worth the fear because you have more knowledge, experience, you learn from people, and you have memories.”

Photoshoots > 2013 > #17 – Ben Watts for Seventeen Magazine Cover Shoot
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Magazine Scans > 2013 > [August] Seventeen Magazine
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Have you ever dreamed of designing your own Seventeen cover? Now’s your chance! Show off your creativity with our August issue and you could get a shoutout from cover star Ariana Grande!

Here’s how it works: Check inside the mag for an image of the cover that’s Instagram-ready, then snap a photo of it and use your fave design apps to create the most awesome cover ever! Once you’re done, just post it to Instagram with the hashtag #17ariana. Each week, Ariana and the Seventeen editors will choose their fave winning cover! Weekly winners will get an Instagram shoutout from Ariana and a signed version of their cover! Be sure to enter every week to increase your chances of winning a shoutout.

Ready to get started? Try some of these awesome photo editing apps! Aviary, Pixlr-o-matic, BeFunky, Path on, Retromatic,

Check out the official rules here

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