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Today, June 26th, Ariana finally turned 20 years old! This year has been an incredible year for her so far with the release of her #1 single The Way and premiere of her spinoff Sam and Cat. Congratulations for everything you’ve accomplished, and thank you for being a massively inspiring role-model for people all over the world.

Be sure to browse through AGO’s 2nd annual birthday project. There are over 150 wonderful messages, drawings, and graphics in total. Thank you to everyone who participated. Please show your support be sending the link of this site to Ariana.

Best wishes to Ariana on her special day!

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Uploaded on Jan 22, 2007
This is a music video to AINT NO OTHER MAN! i edited of me and my friend misha! enjoy

Exactly 6 years ago, Ariana created her Youtube Channel and posted her very first cover. On January 21st, 2007, she showcased her talent to the world. Since then, she has gone from one subscriber to over 700,000. Congratulations Ariana!

To celebrate, Arianators have been trending 6YearsOfOsnapitzari on Twitter all day. It’s currently a worldwide trend. In addition, many fans have written “Osnapitzari” on their wrists. Here are some of Ariana’s tweets:

Reading your #6YearsOfOsnapitzari messages right now & seeing pics of y’all with ‘Osnapitzari’ written on ur wrists. Sweetest surprise ever.

Can’t believe how much has happened since I started my channel 6 years ago! So appreciative that I have u all 2 share these memories w. ❤ u.

#6yearsofosnapitzari I love you guys so much. Thank you for the surprise. These tweets are making me so happy right now, thank you. So many memories! ❤ #myfeels #family

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Frankie and the gang have a very casual and calm New Year’s weekend. Love is all around. Jai and Ariana finally meet and share their first kiss (3:23)…and Frankie gets his own special moment with Jai Janoskian.

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Happy New Year everyone! I’d just like to briefly thank everyone who visits and supports the site. I really do appreciate all the lovely comments and suggestions I’ve received so far. As a little thank you, I’ve 5 outtakes from the Victorious Season 1 promoshoot.
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And she tweeted me later that night saying her Nonna loved it and that were gonna have to fight for it! LOL. :”) I’m so happy she loved it.

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Christmas at my house. @shoshanabean let’s do this every year #onenightonly

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